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The following information provides an overall look at school and classroom procedures and protocols that must be followed in order to have a positive learning environment.  Please remember that all procedures and protocols are tor the child's benefit and safety.  Thank you.

School Rules

The following is to inform you of our classroom and school disciple procedures.
Cesar Chavez School-Wide Rules

1.      I will follow directions at all times.

2.      I will speak and act respectfully at all times

3.      I will use safe, non-violent actions at all times.

4.      I will use polite and appropriate language at all times.

5.      I will be prepared to learn at all times. (This includes HOMEWORK)

All classroom policies and procedures are founded on these 5 basic rules.


Behavior Chart:  In class we have a behavior chart in which each student has an assigned number in which the student’s behavior will be monitor daily.  Each student will have an assigned number on a card that will change from one color to another depending on their daily behavior and each color will have different meaning. 

v Green/Happy Face means good behavior all day long.

v Yellow/Serious Face means that the student did not follow the rules some of the time and the consequence is 1 minute away from the group.

v Red/Crying Face means that the student had a lot of difficulty following the rules and the consequence is an office visit-Office Referral and/or phone call to parents and/or Parent Notification.

Consequences: The student will normally receive a verbal reminder for the fist time a rule is not followed, which does not entail turning a card. There are some behaviors that will not receive a verbal reminder for the first time a rule is not followed like when one student physically hurts another student.  At the end of each day, students will receive a grade (A, B, C, D or F) on their Behavior Contract Calendar on the correct date which will indicate the student’s behavior for that day.  When appropriate, I will attach a Parent Notification and/or Office Referral with explanatory comments. The behavior report goes home for parent review, sign and return. I will check the behavior report to make sure parents have reviewed it.

 Homework: The following is an explanation of the daily homework assignments that each student will need to complete.  The purpose of these assignments is for each student to review the daily classroom activities at home with your support.  These assignments are an important tool for your child’s success in first grade.

Daily Homework

  1. Behavior Contract: Students will show to the parent their behavior mark for the day and when students get a note from school for the parents, it needs to get signed by parents and returned to school.
  2. Reading Homework
    1. *Reading Contract: Students will read 15 minutes each day Monday to Thursday and a parent must sign the contract on the correct date.  Students may read the following to complete Reading Contract: Read Phonics Library Book, Read Word Families & High Frequency Words, Daily Fluency Practice and Library books.
  3. Daily Fluency Practice

ö Allow students to practice the Fluency Passage of the week at least 2 times.

ö Use the 1 minute sand timer provided by the teacher to time students for the timed reading.

ö At the bottom of the Fluency Passage sheet you will find the Fluency Log section, this is where you will write the amount of words your child reads from Monday to Thursday.

ö When your child begins to read use the 1 minute sand timer to begin measuring the 1 minute for the student to read while you keep track of how many words your child reads.

ö When the minute is up, identify where your child stopped in the reading selection.

ö Count the amount of words that your child read.

ö Write the amount of words read per minute on the Fluency Log on the correct date and sign.

  1. Homework Folder Review:  Students will review the homework folder information sheets behind this note one time every day.
  2. Spelling:  Students will complete a daily activity using the spelling words of the week.  Monday ABC order, Tuesday 5 times each, Wednesday 5 sentences and Thursday pre-test.  Practice reading the spelling words everyday.
  3. Mathematics:  Students will complete a one practice Math sheet per day about the lesson presented that day in class.

Incomplete homework will cause low grades in report card for the homework sections and the student will not participate in reward activities like “Fun Centers”, “Class Celebrations”, “Grade Level Field Trips” and “Grade Level Rewards”.

Release Time:  Fist Grade Students exit school at 2:25pm and, unlike kinder, parents are not required to pick up their child at the classroom since First Grade teachers excuse students from class at 2:25pm.  Due to this, make sure that you talk to your child about where you want him/her to wait for you after school.  The child can not wait for their parent in the classroom due to teacher meeting and teacher planning time.

Early Release Days:  During Early Release Days students will exit school at 1:00pm and, like regular school days, students will be excused and parents need to talk to their child about where they need to wait after school.Backpacks: Students in First Grade will be allowed to use a backpack.  Due to the fact that backpacks with wheels are too big and can cause accidents, I will be requesting that students bring backpacks with no wheels.

Contacting the Teacher: Please know that open communication between us is essential to a happy and productive experience for your child. If you have questions and concerns, please write me a note or give me a call at school. I try to return phone calls the same day I receive them. If you call me after 3:00pm, chances are you will not hear from me until the following day, as I check all of my messages at that time. Please understand that my evenings are devoted to my family and I do not take calls at home. Kindly understand that during arrival and dismissal times my main concern is my students and their well-being. They need and deserve my undivided attention; therefore I cannot get into lengthy discussions during those times.

CUSD Birthday Policy:  Calexico Unified School District does not allow Birthday Celebrations that involve the sharing of food due liability issues. 

Clothing: Please send children in appropriate clothing for school. Children also go outside for recess every day. It is very important that they dress for the weather.  Tennis shoes with wheels are not allowed in school; wheels will be confiscated if brought to school and returned on the last day of school.  Also, clogs and other slip-on shoes are very difficult to run and play in on the playground.

Lunch: Students may bring their own lunch from home or eat the lunch offer by the school.  If a student brings lunch from home, the lunch has to be healthy.  Students are not allowed to bring soda, chips or candies for lunch.  The lunch may consist of a sandwich, burrito, fruit, juice, milk, etc.  The lunch must be consumed in the cafeteria since no food is allowed on the playground.

Notes: If you are sending a note to me with your child, please remind them before they leave that there is a note for the teacher in their backpack.

Absences: Whenever your child is going to be absent for any reason, YOU MUST CALL the office and let them know. We will gladly collect their work in an "Absent Folder" to be completed upon their return. Please know that first grade is fast-paced and filled with new things each day. It is in your child's best interest to be in school as much as possible. When a child is frequently absent, or regularly being picked up early and/or coming in late, it disrupts the flow of their first grade experience. They quickly become overwhelmed, confused, and feel disconnected from the group when they return to school. Therefore, routine doctors' appointments, hair cuts, dental appointments, etc. are best handled outside of the school day. Similarly, family vacations, long weekend trips and visits with relatives are fun, exciting and worthwhile experiences- once in a while. If your child is regularly missing school for these things, you will most likely hear from me and the school principal about their school attendance.  Students with perfect weekly and monthly attendance will receive rewards.

Toys: Please remind your child that we are very busy in First Grade therefore students are not permitted to bring any toys to school. Thank you.

Tutoring:  I will not be providing tutoring services before and/or after school.  During the instructional time I provide assistance and support to all the students and individualized instruction to student performing below grade level.  Parent may use outside tutoring services to support their child.

Library Books: Each first grader is allowed and encouraged to take out library books at any given time when library services start. They are due one week from the day the child checks them out. However, your child may exchange books anytime before the week is up. Similarly, if they want more time with a book, they can just renew it after a week for additional time. If your child loses a book, they will need to reimburse the library for the cost of the book. If a balance is outstanding, report cards will be held until payments are made.

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