First Grade



Each week, we will introduce a new list of 10 words for students to learn.  Throughout the week we will work with the 10 words in class in different ways to help students learn the spelling pattern of each of the words.  Students will get a daily homework assignment in which students will work with the spelling words at home.

Spelling City 


Spelling City is an internet site in which students can work on different activities and games that will help them master the weekly spelling words. 

Students can use three different activities on this site. 

**The first one is call "Teach Me" in which students listen to the pronunciation, spelling and a sentence for each of the spelling words. 

**In "Play A Game" students may choose different games to practice their spelling words in a fun way. 

**"Test Me" does just that, tests students.

It is easy to use. 

     First, go to

     Second, click on "Find A List".

     Next, type Miss Arredondo on the "Enter search term" and click on "Search".

     Then, on the search results click on Miss Arredondo.

     Last, click on the title of the weekly spelling list we are working on and begin to play.


     Type to directly connect to the teacher page and 
     search for the weekly spelling list.

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