Miss Arredondo's First Grade Page

Homework Folder

Dear parent,

I understand that at time life is very hectic and that causes problems in our lives. As your child's teacher I am committed to provide him/her all the tools he/she needs to succeed and I will do so throughout the school year. If at one point in time your child's homework folder is missing and cannot be found, do not worry, your child will not get in trouble in my class. But, due to the limited number of copies/materials that I am provided with I will not be able to replace your child homework folder with all the copies. This section will contain all the homework folder pages that your child will receive during the school year and you may print them to replace the lost homework folder.

 Fluency Homework Sheets

Kinder Review.doc Kinder Review.doc
Size : 45 Kb
Type : doc

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